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Why Study at UBFM?

Why Study at UBFM?

University of Belgrade - Faculty of Medicine (UBFM) is the oldest and largest medical school in the Balkans. It is a part of the University of Belgrade, which was founded in 1808 and is currently ranked first in Serbia and among the best 300 universities globally (according to 2016. Academic Ranking of World Universities, also referred to as the 'Shanghai ranking').


As much as we are proud of our world rankings, there is more to studying than statistics can show. Our greatest assets are our staff, students and alumni.


We have some of the best academic and research staff in the country. Their inspirational teaching and supervision paired with our well-structured and diverse curriculum will ensure that you get the most out of your studies. We also conduct regular internal reviews of our teaching to ensure high standards are maintained which plays an important role in improving teaching methods and enhancing your experience as a student. The courses are taught entirely in English.


Education and research are closely linked at UBFM. Our teachers often carry out research in parallel with teaching, which means that, as a student, you will have direct contact with leading researchers in the country and the region.


We also have an active students' association that offers both educational activities and social events. The students' association regularly holds a variety of student events, providing you with an opportunity to attend special lectures and seminars given by guest speakers, take an active part in research, participate in students' exchange or sports competitions, express your musical talent, and so much more.


Our spacious campus is situated just minutes away from the centre of Belgrade. It has numerous amenities to make your time spent at the faculty as productive and as pleasant as possible. There are libraries, study rooms, a students' restaurant, IT facilities, parks and green spaces for recreation and reflection, cafes and entertainment venues, and even an indoor sports hall.


We have been attracting and welcoming students from all over the world for more than twenty years. Our alumni comprises people from Africa, America, Asia, Australia and Europe. Today we have one of the most diverse international populations of any university in the region. Choose to study with us and you will benefit from - and contribute to - this vibrant, diverse and multicultural community. We believe your choice will be rewarded in the quality of your education and student experience.



Student life in Belgrade is broad and diverse. Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, is unique in many ways. It is a historic European city with a diverse, multicultural community. Our city mixes architectural beauty and history with a lively, fun environment. It offers an exciting array of entertainment, history, culture and sport, trendy shopping, museums, theatres, night clubs, international food and a music scene that attracts stars nationwide and globally. It is also safe and rich in green and clean areas.


Compared with other European countries, the cost of living in Belgrade is very reasonable. The cost of food, rent, clothing, cultural and sports activities are usually lower than the EU average, and many theatres, museums, cinemas, gyms, swimming pools and other places offer student discounts.

Here you can lead a fun and exciting student life on a budget.

Living in Belgrade also means living close to many other European countries. Whether you would like to visit Paris, Prague, Rome or Berlin, within a couple of hours by train or plane, you can experience an entirely different culture and language.


The places you discover and the lasting memories you create contribute as much to your university life as your formal learning. All the more reason for you to join around 80,000 students that call Belgrade home.