Studies in English

Summer clinical / surgical internship info

11th June 2024

Dear students,

As you already know by now, according to the decision of the Coordination body for studies in English, from previous school year, the summer clinical (surgical) internship is obligatory for English students as well as it is for Serbian.

That means that you will have to spend 10 working days at the surgical ward, around 5 hours a day (six lectures). After consultation with your representatives we have agreed about the term that is between 24th June-5th of July. To achieve this, I created 6 groups, very similar to practical’s, that would be allocated to 6 different teaching surgical bases, all in the vicinity of Clinical center of Serbia. You can find the groups on this site.

However, as some students already arranged their internship abroad, or in others centers in Serbia, there is possibility to recognize it by our Faculty under the following conditions: 1) The internship should last at least 10 working days like here (but does not to be strictly surgical ward), and 2) the written certificate must be obtained, on hospital’s memorandum and should be signed by senior doctor or chief of the department/hospital. Students that stated they would do their internship abroad /outside of CCS were not included in the schedule I had created for Clinical center of Serbia.

They are:

Aladin Skenderi

Lan Groselj

Nikola Crncevic

Inge Hughes

Rados Bibeskovic

Natalija Djurisic

Nina Rihar

Jelena Bogdanovic

Kemal Cebi

Sara Vučićević

Andrea Roljić

One of the main points of this internship would be to teach you basic surgical sewing skills, which I already informed your lecturers.

In the case of any kind of problems, be free to contact me.

With best wishes

Professor Miroslav Marković, the course director