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Final test in Surgery, July 11th

8th July 2024

Dear Students,

Final exam in Surgery is scheduled for Thursday, July 11th at 11.45h at the amphitheatre of the SECOND SURGICAL CLINIC, Clinical Centre of Serbia. The exam will have a form of a test with 100 questions with multiple choice answers. There will be no practical exam prior to the test. 

Important information about the test and final grade in Surgery

The test consists of 100 questions.

There are 60 less difficult questions with single correct answer, and for each correct answer the student gets 0.5 points, 30 points in total.

There are 40 difficult questions with two or more correct answers, and for each completely correct answer the student gets 1 point, 40 points in total. Note that for partially correct answer no points are obtained.

Therefore, the maximum number of points for the test is 70. Time limit for test completion is 100 minutes. 

Final grade in Surgery is calculated as a sum of pre- final test activities, with 30 points in total (maximum 10 for both colloquia, 20 in total, and  maximum 10 for class attendance and activities, and final test result, with 70 points in total, as shown in the formula:

Final points (max 100) = colloquiums 1&2 (20 points max) + activities (10 points) + test (70 points max)

Final points

Final grade

0 – 50


51 – 60


61 – 70


71 – 80


81 – 90


91 - 100



I will do my best to put the results of the test on the site untill the evening of the same day. There would be the possibility to check the test the next day at the term that will be provided timely.

I wish you all good luck. 

 Prof. Miroslav Marković, Course Director