Why Should You Make the UBFM Online Preparatory Courses Your First Step?

Welcome to the preparation courses for the entrance exam at our Faculty. As you may have already learned, every applicant at UBFM is required to take the entrance exam. This standardized exam, in addition to your cumulative GPA and an interview, should help admissions committee assess your academic ability to complete a demanding health profession graduate program. The examination is multiple choice and consists of two separate test - one that covers biology, and one that covers general and organic chemistry.

Whichever test you are preparing for there are some general recommendations:

  • Study well in advance of your test date - rather than “cram” for the exam, it is best to set aside a regularly scheduled block of time every week.
  • Use study guides specific to the exam
  • Become familiar with the test’s format and content areas - knowing how to read the questions and honing your test-taking skills may be as important as knowing the material.  
  • Take practice tests

All this, and more, is provided in our online preparation programme. The preparation consists of two separate courses – one for biology and another for chemistry. You can take any of them, or both – depending on your needs. Each course has four sections that you may study successively, which will allow you to perfect your knowledge and skills before moving on.

The courses are tailored to the specific requirements of the entrance exam. They are prepared by our experts with years of experience, who are also involved in the preparation of the entrance exam tests, insuring that all competencies required for the exam will be presented in the prep courses.

These engaging, informative and comprehensive online courses provide a self-paced learning experience. They are structured specifically to accelerate your learning and consist of lectures, films, readings, assignments, etc. Furthermore, those who enrol will be able to take practice tests which exactly follow the format of the entrance exam.

This programme will make your preparation easier and faster, and will help you enter the entrance exam with the peace of mind that you have prepared in the best way.

Pricing: The price of each course (Biology or Chemistry) is 507 Eur. You can take any of the courses or both in which case the price is 1014 Eur.

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To enrol please read the instructions or proceed straight to registration.

Last modified: Friday, 26 January 2018, 7:26 PM