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Pathology course consists of lectures and practicals (histopathology-microscopic slide demonstrations, seminars, autopsies and e-classrooms).

Pathology schedule for 2023/2024 is posted  in detail in the "NEWS" section.

During school year 2023/2024 lectures will be held in Lecture room in Dekanat on Mondays and Tuesdays (V semester) and Mondays (VI semester). On Mondays you will attend lectures in a large classroom, on Tuesdays you will attend lectures in a smaller classroom.

You can also find lectures on your study platform if you click the link "ACADEMIC YEAR 2023-2024" for future reference.

On Wednesdays (V semester) and Thursdays (VI semester) you will have practicals (microscopic slide demonstrations) and seminars.

All seminars begin from 16.00 hours-Institute of Pathology, 1st floor, Seminar room-there are no groups, all students need to be present.

All histopathology practicals (microscopic slide demonstrations) begin at 14.00 hours EXCEPT FOR THE FIRST  WEEK WHEN THEY BEGIN AT 16.00 hrs.

There is one group for histopathology.

Read the schedule carefully!!! 

Usually you will have practicals one week, seminars the following week and so on but not every time.

Practicals are held at the Institute of Pathology, 1st floor, Histopathology room, according to the time slot and group schedule. Tardiness will not be tolerated!

Groups with lists of students are posted in the "NEWS" section.

For practicals, students need to be equipped with a Handbook (will be provided on  site during our first practical) and a white coat.

All slides with explanations will also be posted on your study platform for future reference.

Tardiness will not be tolerated!!!


Autopsies and e-classrooms will begin in March (VI semester).

Grading policy ("Final mark") is in the NEWS section.

Students that chose elective class Autopsy casuistry will be notified in due time about time slots and classes.


We wish you a healthy and succesful 2023/2024!






Pathology department:

Professor dr Svetislav Tatić

Professor dr Dimitrije Brašanac

Professor dr Jelena Sopta

Professor dr Tatjana Terzić

Professor dr Nada Tomanović-course director

Assoc. Professor dr Sanja Radojević-Škodrić

Assoc. Professor dr Sofija Glumac

Assoc. Professor dr Emilija Manojlović-Gačić

Assoc. Professor dr Duško Dunđerović

Assoc. Professor dr Radmila Janković

Assoc. Professor dr Martina Bosić

Ass. Professor Jelena Filipović

Ass. Professor Maja Životić

Ass. Professor Ivana Savić

Ass. Professor Mirjana Prvanović

Ass. Professor Danilo Obradović

Teaching Ass. Jovan Jevtić

Teaching Ass. Gorana Nikolić

Teaching Ass. Ljubica Simić

Teaching Ass. Milena Jovanović

Teaching Ass. Ana Marija Tomić

Teaching Ass. Isidora Filipović

Teaching Ass. Milena Mihajlović

Teaching Ass. Miloš Đuknić

Chair: Assoc. Professor Nada Tomanović