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Otorhinolaryngology and Maxillofacial Surgery Course

Otorhinolaryngology and Maxillofacial Surgery Course

Otorhinolaryngology with Maxillofacial Surgery Course (ESPB 6)

The goal of the ENT&MFS course is to train future medical doctors to recognize symptoms of ENT&MF disease and use adequate diagnostic procedures in order to initiate therapeutical procedures. Special emphasis is placed on identifying urgent ENT&MF conditions and the fact that ENT&MF signs and symptoms may reflect other diseases as well. The acquisition of basic knowledge in the field of ENT&MFS would allow medical doctors to apply the in other specialities of medicine.


Professor Nenad Arsović

Associate professor Vladimir Nešić

Associate professor Aleksandar Trivić

Associate professor Sanja Krejović

Assistant professor Ljiljana Čvorović, Course Director

Assistant professor Bojan Pavlović

Assistant professor Ana Jotić

Assistant professor Bojana Bukurov

Assistant professor Miljan Folić

Teaching assistant Goran Stojković


Through this course students will become familiar with basic principles and fundamental concepts of otorhinolaryngologycal science and practice:

  1. Study of basic ENT&MF history and specifities of ENT examination.
  2. Etiopathogenetic basis of most common ENT&MF disease.
  3. Incidence, clinical manifestations, differential diagnosis and contemporary diagnostic procedures in establishing ENT&MF diagnosis in adults and children.
  4. Contemporary therapy, prevention and prognosis of ENT&MF diseases.

Course Structure

The teaching is organized in Clinic for Otorhinolaryngology and Maxillofacial Surgery, University Clinical Center of Serbia during the 11th semester.
The total number of lessons   90
-      theoretical lectures     30
-      seminars                     10
-      practicals                    50


Questions for practicals:

  1. Examination of ear
  2. Tympanometry
  3. Cinical anatomy of ear
  4. Hearing tests
  5. Vestibular tests
  6. Examination of nose and face
  7. Clinical anatomy of nose and paranasal sinuses
  8. Allergy testing
  9. Oropharyngoscopy
  10. Basic anatomy of pharynx
  11. Examination of larynx
  12. Clinical anatomy of larynx
  13. Examination of neck
  14. Clinical anatomy of neck
  15. Endovideostroboscopy and laryngomicroscopy

Recommended literature:

  1. Probst R et al. Basic Otorhinolaryngology. A Step-by-step learining guide. Thieme 2017. or Probst R i sar. Osnovi otorinolaringologije. Vodič za postepeno učenje. Datastatus 2022.
  2. Bull T.R. A colour Atlas of E.N.T Diagnosis. Wolfe Medical Publications Ltd; 2007.


Time for course: VIth year- XI semester

Total Number of teaching lessons 30      Lectures: 5    Practicals:    25

  1. Title of the course: OTOLOGY, Course director: Assist. Prof. Dr Ljiljana Čvorović

    Aim of the course

    Advanced learning about the etiology, diagnostic and therapeutic approach to diseases of the ear, hearing and vestibular system. Getting to know the basics of middle and inner ear surgery.

    Content of the course:

    Diseases of the External ear. Middle Ear and Temporal Bone Trauma. Middle ear infections and Cholesteatoma. Cranial and intracranial complications of Otitis Media. Otosclerosis. Non-suppurative otitis media. Tympanosclerosis. Ossicular pathology. Ear Surgery. Cochlear pathology: SNHL/Tinnitus. Autoimmune Inner Ear Disease. Genetic Hearing Loss. Ototoxicity. Noise-Induced Hearing Loss. Presbyacusis. Congenital malformations: Ext/middle/inner ear. Diseases of the Vestibular system. History/Examination/Investigations Nystagmus. Peripheral vestibular pathology.  Facial nerve. Neoplasms of the Ear, Pontocerebellar Angle and Lateral Skull Base.
  2. Title of the course: MODERN PRINCIPLES OF PHONATION AND ARTICULATION, Course director: Assoc. Prof. Dr Sanja Krejović

    Aim of the course

    Advanced learning about the etiology, diagnostic and therapeutic approach to diseases of the voice and speech. Getting to know the basics of phonosurgery.

    Content of the course

    Taking the Voice Specific Patient History. Laryngeal Endoscopy (Rigid, Flexible, Stroboscopy).  Perceptual Voice Evaluation. Acoustic and Aerodynamic Analysis of Voice. Voice Therapy. Phonosurgery.
  3. Title of the course: LARYNGEAL TUMORS, Course director: Assist. Prof. Dr Ana Jotić

    Aim of the course

    Advanced learning about the etiology, diagnostic and therapeutic approach to diseases of the larynx. Getting to know the basics of endoscopic and classic laryngeal surgery.

    Content of the course

    Benign Neoplasms of the Larynx. Premalignant lesion and leukoplakia of the larynx. Malignant neoplasm of the larynx. Microlaryngeal Surgery. Laser Surgery of Larynx. Laryngectomy.

The final MARK from subject Otorhinolaryngology and Maxillofacial Surgery is formed as follows:
1.    Regular attendance and active participation         max 10 points
2.    Colloquium 1&2                    max 20 points
3.    Practical exam                      max 20 points
4.    Final test                        max 50 points


91-100 points = 10

81-90 points= 9

71-80 points= 8

61-70 points=7

51-60 points= 6

less than 50= 5

The practical exam must be passed. The final test is organized according to the program study in five sections (otology, rhinology, pharyngology, maxillofacial surgery and laryngology with basic phoniatrics). Each section provides twenty points. To pass the test student has to have at least ten points in each section (single best answer in multiple choice question, multiple answers in multiple choice question and crossing match question), that is 50% of the correct answers.

Final score for final test                                      Points
91-100                                                             50
81-90                                                               40
71-80                                                               30
61-70                                                               20      
50-60                                                               10
< 50                                                                 0

Course director: Assist. Prof. dr Ljiljana Čvorović, MD, PhD
Tel. 381 (0)112643694