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 The Synopsis of Neurology Course

The aim of Neurology course is to introduce students to basic principles and fundamental concepts of neurological science and practice:

  1. Study of basic neurological history and specificities of neurological examination
  2. Etiopathogenetic basis of the most common neurological disease
  3. Incidence, clinical manifestations, differential diagnosis and contemporary diagnostic    procedures in establishing neurological diagnosis in adults and children
  4. Contemporary therapy, prevention and prognosis of neurological diseases.

The goal of the course is to train future medical doctors to recognize symptoms of neurological disease and use adequate diagnostic procedures in order to initiate proper therapy. Special emphasis is placed on identifying urgent neurological conditions and the fact that neurological signs and symptoms may reflect other internal and surgical diseases as well. The acquisition of basic knowledge in the field of neurology would allow medical doctors to apply them in other specialties of medicine.


Course director: Professor Šarlota Mesaroš, MD, PhD

Neurology Clinic

Full Professor Dejana Jovanović, MD, PhD

Full Professor Jelena Drulović, MD, PhD

Full Professor  Elka Stefanova, MD, PhD

Full Professor Zorica Stević, MD, PhD

Full Professor Nataša Dragašević, MD, PhD

Professor Nikola Vojvodić, MD, PhD

Associated Professor Ivana Basta, MD, PhD

Associated Professor Marko Ercegovac, MD, PhD

Associated Professor Aleksandra Kačar, MD, PhD

Associated Professor Milija Mijajlović, MD, PhD

Associated Professor Aleksandar Ristić, MD, PhD

Associated Professor Gorana Mandić Stojmenović, MD, PhD

Associated Professor Aleksandra Radojčić, MD, PhD

Associated Professor Vladana Marković, MD, PhD

Associated Professor Tanja Stojković, MD, PhD

Teaching Assistant Milica Ječmenica Lukić, MD, PhD

Teaching Assistant Nikola Kresojević, MD, PhD

Teaching Assistant Višnja Padjen, MD, PhD

Teaching Assistant Stojan Perić, MD, PhD

Teaching Assistant Predrag Stanarčević, MD

Teaching Assistant Olivera Tamaš, MD

Teaching Assistant Aleksandra Tomić, MD, PhD

Teaching Assistant Nikola Veselinović, MD

Teaching Assistant Maja Budimkić, MD, PhD

Teaching Assistant Iva Stanković-Tutuš, MD, PhD

Teaching Assistant Aleksa Pejović, MD

Teaching Assistant Maša Kovačević, MD

Teaching Assistant Tamara Šbavić, MD

Clinic of Neurology and Psychiatry for Children and Youth

Full Professor Nataša Cerovac, MD, PhD

Teaching Assistant Blažo Nikolić, MD, PhD

Teaching Assistant Ana Kosać, MD, PhD

Teaching Assistant Nikola Ivančević, MD, PhD

Recommended literature and textbooks:

  1. EUREKA Neurology and Neurosurgery, Collins DR, Goodfellow J, Silva AHD, Dardis R, Nagaraja S.  Pub. JP Medical Ltd. London UK 2016. ISBN: 978-1-907816-74-

  1. Neurological Examination Made Easy, Fuller G. Pub. Churchill Livingstone 5th. Ed.

  1. Onliner audio presentations of the lectures from the ongoing academic year available on the official website of the Faculty of Medicine


Course Director
Prof. Dr Šarlota Mesaroš

Neurology Clinic
Dr Subotića 6, Belgrade
Mob. 066-8301269

E mail: