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The aim of Surgery course is to introduce students to basic principles and fundamental concepts of surgery science and practice.

  1. Study of general surgical principles and examinations.
  2. Etiology, clinical manifestation, differential diagnosis and diagnostic procedure in general surgery.
  3. Principals of operative technique.
  4. Basic courses in orthopedic, neurosurgery and urology.

The goal of the course is to train future medical doctors to recognize symptoms of surgical disease and to use adequate diagnostic procedures in order to initiate therapeuticprocedure. Special emphasis is placed on identifying urgent surgical conditions. During the course students should accept practical procedure that can be used in every day medical practice.


Chair: Professor Miroslav Marković



Professor Danica Grujičić

Professor Miodrag Rakić

Professor Nada Popović

Professor Tomislav Ranđelović

Professor Aleksandar Lešić

Professor Vladimir Đukić

Professor Ana Šijački

Assoc. Professor Danilo Radulović

Assoc. Professor Aleksandar Karamarković

Assoc. Professor Dejan Nikolić

Assoc. Professor Dejan Radenković

Assoc. Professor Zoran Džamić

Assoc. Professor AleksandarSimić

Assoc. Professor MilošJoković

Assoc. Professor Dušica Simić

Assoc. Professor Radovan Manojlović

Assoc. Professor Goran Tulić

Assoc. Professor Lukas Rasulić

Ass. Professor Aleksandar Mikić

Ass. Professor Goran Barišić

Ass. Professor Nebojša Lađević

Ass. Professor Vladimir Dugalić

Ass. Professor Mihailo Ille

Ass. Professor Igor Jovanović

Ass. Professor Vladimir Baščarević

Ass. Professor Ivan Stojanović

Ass. Professor Ivan Palibrk

Ass. Professor Svetozar Putnik

Ass. Professor Maja Ercegovac

Cl. Ass. Krstina Doklestić

Cl. Ass. Danijel Galun

Cl. Ass. Dragan Savić

Cl. Ass. Vojislav Bogosavljević

Cl. Ass. Igor Nikolić

Cl. Ass. Ivan Milić

Cl. Ass. Đorđe Knežević

Cl. Ass. Dragan Basarić

Cl. Ass. Slavenko Ostojić

Cl. Ass. Dušan Spasovski

Cl. Ass. Jelena Veličković

Cl. Ass. Bojan Marković

Cl. Ass. Bojana Unić

Cl. Ass. Dejan Veličković

Cl. Ass. Andreja Antić


Attending surgery lectures and practical is obligatory and it comprices 360 school lessons. 120 lectures and 240 practical. Practical are organised in groups of no more than 10 students.

Reanimation and transf.                    


Shock and collapse                            

Fluid and electr.misbal.        

Diagnostic procedure in surgery       

Surgical prophilaxis and infection


Bleeding and hemostasis

Preoperative menagement

Peripheral vascular vessels


Brest tumors

Injures and diseases of peripheral nerves                             

Intercranial hypertension. Traumathology of CNS

Cerebrovascular disorderes and intracranial vascular anomalies                                        

Neurooncology - tumors of CNS

Congenital anomalies of CNS

Spinal diseases

Pericard, tumor of the heart 


Disease of coronary art.        

Pulmonary embolism

Esophagus benign

Esophagus  malign                                                                                        

Acute abdomen                                                          

Stomach and duodenum                                            

Small bowel,Ileus,Appendix                         


Rectum and anus                   




Brest tumors                                      

Arm injury                             

Spine injury                           

Pelvis injury

Leg injury                                          

Bone infection                                                           

Bone tumors                                      

Spine desease                                                

Hip desease                                                                            

Joint desease                                      

Diagnostic procedure in urology                  






Suggested Surgery textbook:

Bailey and Love’s short practice of Surgery, 27th edition, authors N.S. WiIliams, P.R. O’Connel i A.W. McCaskie, CRC Press 2018, Taylor and Francis Group, Boca Raton FL



Important information about the test and final grade in Surgery

The test consists of 100 questions.

There are 60 less difficult questions with single correct answer, and for each correct answer the student gets 0.5 points, 30 points in total.

There are 40 difficult questions with two or more correct answers, and for each completely correct answer the student gets 1 point, 40 points in total. Note that for partially correct answer no points are obtained.

Therefore, the maximum number of points for the test is 70. Time limit for test completion is 100 minutes. 

Final grade in Surgery is calculated as a sum of pre- final test activities, with 30 points in total (maximum 10 for both colloquia, 20 in total, and 10 for class attendance and activities, with which all the students are granted due to the recent situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic), and final test result, with 70 points in total, as shown in the formula:

Final points (max 100) = colloquiums 1&2 (20 points max) + activities (all have 10 points) + test (70 points max)

Final points

Final grade

0 – 50


51 – 60


61 – 70


71 – 80


81 – 90


91 - 100



Colloqium takes place  in December and  April in the amphitheatre of the Second Surgical Clinic .  


Course Director:

Miroslav Marković, MD, PhD

Professor of Surgery


Second Surgical Clinic - Clinic for Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, Clinical Centre of Serbia

Phone / Whatsapp / Viber: +381637135746