About Entrance Exam

An entrance exam is an examination that the University of Belgrade - Faculty of Medicine (UBFM) uses to select students for admission. Every applicant at UBFM is required to take the entrance exam. This standardized procedure enables the Admissions Committee to assess the academic ability of a candidate to complete a demanding undergraduate medical programme. The applicants are accepted on the basis of the results from the entrance examination (consisting of two separate tests in Chemistry and Biology and an interview) and the cumulative grade point average (GPA) from the Secondary/High school (see Admission Scoring System below).

An entrance examination is compulsory for all students applying to UBFM. In order to be accepted, every applicant must successfully pass the entrance examination (see information below).


UBFM admits among the largest incoming classes of foreign medical students in Serbia. Annually, up to 100 students enrol in one educational track.

In the next school year (2018/19), one hundred (100) spots are available for the medical programme (Medical Doctor/MD programme) in English at UBFM.


The admissions process for the studies in English at the UBFM is competitive, based on the scoring system. The maximum number of points that each candidate can get during admission procedure is 100 (equals to 100%). Out of 100 points, 60 points (60% of total score) are awarded based on the entrance examination results (see below), while the remaining 40 points (40% of total score) are awarded based on the cumulative GPA from the Secondary/High School.

Please note that all candidates must pass the entrance exam, i.e. they must have at least 31 points out of 60 possible (25 for biology test, 25 for the chemistry test and 10 for the interview).

Table. MD programme admission scoring system at the UBFM is as follows:

Selection criteria No. of questions No. of points (%)
Entrance exam Biology test 25 25
Chemistry test 25 25
Personal interview / 10
Entrance exam total: 60
Secondary/High school success Cumulative GPA / 40
Total: 100

Once the candidates complete the exam, the scoring will be done and the list of candidates created. Among all those who passed the entrance exam (i.e. those with at least 31 points), the first 100 candidates (or less based on the number of available posts at the second term of entrance examination) will be accepted and enrolled in the first year of the studies in English.


The entrance exam consists of a written part and a personal interview.

The written part includes two multiple choice questionnaires (MCQ), one that covers biology, and one that covers general and organic chemistry. Each test consists of 25 questions with one correct answer (out of four) and all questions are based on the high school educational programme (see Topics for the Entrance Exam below). Every correct answer is scored with one point, so each test can bring to an applicant up to 25 points (i.e. 25% of total score). Selected examples of questions from the previous entrance exam tests can be seen here.

Please note that the test in Chemistry for the Entrance Exam involves several questions with chemical calculations. The questions with chemical calculations cover the following topics: Solutions (concentrations of solution), Energetics and Ionic product of water, pH and pOH. Example problems can be seen here.

The personal interview is conducted by the teaching stuff of the UBFM (members of the Admissions Committee). Its main purpose is to evaluate the applicant's motivation, sensitivity, and interpersonal skills, as well as his/her English language skills. It is also designed to help the interviewers develop an understanding of how prospective student views the physician's role. It can bring to an applicant up to 10 points (i.e. 10% of total score).

The language of the entrance examination and interview is English.


Please note that there is grading threshold for passing the exam. Every applicant must successfully pass the entrance examination. The minimum passing grade/mark (acceptance pass mark) at the entrance exam is 51%, i.e. 31 points out of 60 possible (25 for biology test, 25 for the chemistry test and 10 for the interview). The remaining 40 points are awarded based on the cumulative GPA from the Secondary/High School.


In 2018, there are two terms (two dates) for the entrance exam: the first term was held on July 4-5, and the second term will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday, September 11 and 12, 2018 (for more details, please see below). 

Please note that the applicants who did not pass the entrance exam in July are still eligible to take the second entrance exam in September.

Application calendar (September 2018)

Date Time Venue
Submission of documents September 3 – 7
9:00 – 13:00
Office of Students Affairs
Head building, 2ndfloor
Dr Subotica 8
Entrance exam
  Biology and Chemistry test 
September 11 9:00 – 12:00 Amphitheatre of the Institute of Pathology
Dr Subotica 1
  Interview September 12 From 9:00
(each candidate 5–10 min)
Head building, 2ndfloor
Dr Subotica 8


All questions in the entrance exam tests in Biology and Chemistry are based on the high school educational programme. The lists of topics in Chemistry and Biology are available at our website.

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